Culture is the set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes a particular group of people. The buffalo way is one in which leaders stand out and stand together, unapologetically leading with purpose and people. In a thriving workplace, leaders trust and rely on their peers to help solve problems, create plans, and advance a shared goal for greater purpose. This cultivation won’t just happen organically. They require uncommon courage and unwavering intentionality. Buffalo leaders choose to align with the following principles because they know there is truly strength in numbers when facing challenges and opportunities.

What Makes Our Culture Strong

When storms approach on the Colorado plains, cattle scatter and run. Buffalo gather and run directly into the storm. The Overton Group is focused on the way of the Buffalo Culture. Our peers run with us and take on the challenges of faith-based leadership.

The Overton Group Buffalo Culture

Buffalo Culture


See obstacles and opportunities well before they are right in front of you.


Fight for excellence and healthy, thriving cultures for those who will run with you.


Run head first into challenges and issues before they become bigger problems.

We’re smarter and better together

The Overton Group understands the importance of our people. Whether it be within our company our community, we have taken the initiative to increase our social impact. As a company, we created a ministry fund providing hand-up organizations funds to actively strengthen their communities through ministry, evangelism, mentorship, and the development of personal growth and wellbeing. 

In addition, The Overton Group provides an internal Helping Hands fund. TOG Helping Hands Funds are for employees suffering from severe financial hardship resulting from a sudden, overwhelming, unexpected event beyond their control.