Our commercial brokerage team has the full-service capability for every project whether it be for office, industrial, retail or multifamily space. With each deal, we work to develop a strategy and identify a plan to action. The Overton Group commercial brokerage team combines their backgrounds and varied approaches to represent every transaction.


We provide a range of services to tenants including strategy development, business needs analysis, build-to-suit planning, demographic analysis, market analysis, financial analysis, and negotiations. We will locate the best location and negotiate the price and terms for your thriving business.

You can be assured that our team of professionals will do the market research and strategy building. If you are a business owner we will begin by visiting your existing space so that we can see how you currently use and function in your environment. For investors and developers, we will work with you to develop a property profile that meets your specific needs. Based on this information and working with our extensive network of landlords, brokers, and property owners we will find a location that affords you maximum value and flexibility. Once a site is identified, we have the expertise to represent your interests and drive a hard bargain on your behalf.


Our seller representation services include creating a comprehensive marketing and sales plan, evaluating property, providing sales comp information, providing financial analysis, negotiating sales terms, purchase agreements, and more.

Our commercial brokerage team conducts a thorough situational analysis by looking at similar properties in the marketplace and assess for building strengths, financing structure, and tenant mix to understand the competition and recommend a marketing plan. Working with you, we’ll help you to attract serious parties only. Through our expertise, your asset will be positioned as the best option for the market. Once we have a suitable buyer, we can assist with negotiations and documentation to ensure that the agreement is in your best interest.


Our professionals provide a range of services to commercial property owners/investors including assessing similar properties in the marketplace, financial research analysis, targeting, attracting and securing the right tenants and minimizing risk with thoughtfully negotiated terms.

We will assess your investment objectives and develop an understanding of your portfolio. We will determine similar properties in the marketplace based on building strengths, financing structure, and tenant mix to establish a comprehensive targeted marketing approach. This enables us to strategically position your properties against the competition, minimize risk and thoughtfully negotiate terms.


Our buyer representation services include property evaluation, financial analysis, negotiations, document review and evaluation, project coordination, construction management, and more.

The Overton Group provides our clients with the benefit of a knowledgeable advisor that works just for them. We will not only help you to find the best location but will help negotiate the best price and terms for you and assist you through the process from start to finish.